Golubitskoe Art Residency

An international year-round residency for artists, curators, writers, historians, archaeologists, musicians and interdisciplinary researchers will open on the Taman Peninsula, in Golubitskoe Estate in July 2020.

The Residency is situated on the grounds of the Golubitskoe Estate winery which provides participants with an opportunity to work in a secluded eco-friendly location with a rich history.

The main goal of the residency is to support Russian artists and to foster international cultural collaboration with partner institutions. Golubitskoe Art Foundation runs the Contact Zones: Azov, Black and Caspian Seas programme that facilitates residential exchange between Russia and partner art institutions from the neighbouring countries.

Additionally, we partner with other foreign art institutions who assign artists and curators to participate in our residency while Russian art professionals travel to take part in their residential exchange programmes.
We provide

  • Coverage of travel expenses
  • Accommodation in a private studio flat on the park grounds
  • An artist studio
  • A work or research stipend
  • Research assistance, ongoing support by the Artist Residency Manager
  • Production and funding of an exhibition

Temporary exhibitions and residents' final shows will be held in a fully equipped exhibition hall.

Apply for Art Residency
Golubitskoe Art Residency works to nurture and support research and exhibition projects by artists, curators, writers, historians, archaeologists, musicians and interdisciplinary researchers. We pay particular attention to the projects that focus on the local context.

You can become a resident by invitation or as part of the residential exchange programme or an open call.

If you do not want to wait until the next open call and would like to introduce yourself and tell us about your project, please submit your application now. We consider all applications submitted outside of open calls 4 times a year without review.

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We provide
  • A residency grant starting from 50,000 rubles
  • A 32 m² artist studio space
  • Private accommodation in a secluded 25 m² studio equipped with all essentials
  • Coverage of art supplies (up to 50,000 rubles)
  • Coverage of travel costs (up to 25,000 rubles)
  • A scenic view and no residential neighbours
  • Proximity to the Sea of Azov and Akhtanizovskiy Liman, a pond and vineyards on the winery grounds
Additionally, we provide
  • Full-time assistance by the Artist Residency Manager
  • Full admin and PR support of the project
  • Introduction to the local art scene and study trips in the region
  • If the planned outcome of the project is an exhibition, we provide a budget and full production assistance
We expect from the residents
  • To spend 7-12 weeks in residency
  • To develop and present a project within the outlined period
  • To participate in 2 or 3 public events (a public talk, a performance, a presentation, a workshop, etc)
  • To interact closely with the context of the region
According to the conditions of the residency, I am eligible for a grant. When will I be able to get it?
To confirm your participation in the residency, we sign a mutual agreement. You will receive the first instalment upon your arrival at the art residency. The second instalment will be paid out closer to the end of residency after we discuss the concept of the final presentation of your project and start preparations for it.
Is it compulsory to make an exhibition at the end of residency?
An exhibition project is not the only possible residency outcome. The format of the statement may vary depending on the concept.
According to the terms of the residency, I am expected to give a speech at the welcome and final events. But there aren't that many visitors in the winery and Golubitskaya village. Who will be the audience for these events?
In addition to the online audience, we would like to invite the local art community and residents of the nearest settlements and larger cities of the region, as well as the winery staff. We need to document the events you participate in to capture the key stages of the project's development. We will be happy to take all your ideas and suggestions into account.
Will I be required to submit my work to the Foundation's collection?
No, we do not require artists to submit works created in residency. However, the Foundation may commission works from residents. In this case, the work will be accepted into the Foundation's collection on conditions negotiated regardless of your participation in our residency programme.
What happens to the works created for the final exhibition?
After the end of the exhibition, the works can be sent to the address you provide or disposed of. The costs of delivery or disposal must be calculated in advance and included in the quote for the project.
Can I bring my family to the residency?
Bringing family to the residency will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
If you have not found answers to your questions, please email us at