Golubitskoe Art Foundation

Artist Residencies: What They’re For and Who Needs Them

Zhenya Chaika is an independent curator, AiR programmes researcher and the new resident of the Golubitskoe Art Foundation.

  • Is it enough to name a programme an artist residency for it to become one?
  • How flexible is the residency format?
  • Who is responsible for art in an artist residency?
  • Why should there be more artist residencies and who will benefit from this?

Zhenya will shed light on these and many other issues at her upcoming lecture at the Typography Center for Contemporary Art. The event will be an open lecture-discussion.

Date and time: 30 June, 19:00
Venue address: Krasnodar, Ulitsa Zipovskaya, b. 5/33, Ground Floor
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