Golubitskoe Art Foundation

Varvara Busova’s Residency

The new participant of Golubitskoe Art Residency is the archaeologist and curator Varvara Busova. The first residency in Golubitskoe with a focus on the archaeology of Krasnodar Region will start in November 2020 and will explore the phenomenon of ‘historical upcycling’.

‘Upcycling’ from a historical perspective refers to a process of subsequent reuse of objects. While getting from one historical context to another, they changed their function and were re-adapted by people for different purposes. Such objects, which can be attributed to different historical periods, can pose interesting questions to our past and become a thread that connects them with our present and future.

Varvara Busova combines her career in science with curating by using archaeological finds as a starting point for artistic research. She has participated in international archaeological and institutional conferences in Beijing, Oxford, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Vilnius, and has been the recipient of the prize of School of Young Archaeologists CIS and winner of the RSCI competition for support of young scientists. Varvara completed an internship at the Drents Museum in Assen, Netherlands. Her research projects include The Museum of Material Culture (an exhibition in the high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, Moscow, 2018) and the exposition project for Museum of Nature and Man in Arkaim (Chelyabinsk Oblast, 2017).

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