Golubitskoe Art Foundation

Sergei Kulikov's lecture and presentation

16.00, 25 September
Exhibition Hall
Golubitskoe Art Foundation
Golubitskaya Village, Krasnaya Street, b. 299
Free Admission

On 25 September, Golubitskoe Art Foundation will host an event to present the provisional results of the research by architectural historian Sergei Kulikov, participant of the Golubitskoe artist-in-residency programme.

The second participant of Golubitskoe Art Residency, Sergei Kulikov, is an analyst and expert in sociocultural programming and urban and rural development. The key objective of his residency is to conduct on-site research and pinpoint sources for putting together an eclectic atlas, a short reference book/travel guide focusing exclusively on the architecture of the Taman Peninsula. The book could be regarded in a broader context, namely the history of architectural styles.

Sergei Kulikov says, ‘All in all, the cultural landscape of the peninsula is a juxtaposition of more than twenty different (in chronological and ethnocultural terms) layers, the oldest of which, the Oldowan culture, dates back as far as 2 million years. Essentially, this is a palimpsest, in which different cultures with their architectural and building traditions overlapped, mixed and coexisted within a relatively small area.’

Sergei Kulikov’s residency at Golubitskoe continues until 3 October 2020.
The launch of the final project is scheduled for late November.

Sergei Kulikov is an architectural historian, analyst and expert in sociocultural programming and urban and rural development. He studied the theory of urban planning at Moscow State University, focusing on the concept of the ideal city in the Italian Renaissance. As an author and editor, he contributed to Wallpaper*DomusArt NewspaperInterniArt+Auction, and Project Russia. In 2011 he was a lecturer at Thinning Project, examining the issues of territories with a declining population, and, in particular, remote and strategically important Russian regions. The project was carried out as part of the curriculum of Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.
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