Golubitskoe Art Foundation

Mikhail Maksimov’s lecture at the Typography Center for Contemporary Art

Artist Mikhail Maksimov is the new resident of the Golubitskoe Art Foundation. Maksimov explores the possibilities of mapping potential realities.  He uses software technologies and computer games to create scripts that put ideological and philosophical theories into action, which is his way to test-drive possible worlds.

In the course of his residency at Golubitskoe, Mikhail will be working on projecting public structures on wine production.

At the lecture, Mikhail will talk about his projects, plans for the residency and terminal ballistics.

Date‌ ‌and‌ ‌time:‌ 28 August,‌ ‌19:00‌ ‌
Venue‌ ‌address:‌ ‌Krasnodar,‌ ‌Ulitsa‌ ‌Zipovskaya,‌ ‌b.‌ ‌5/33,‌ ‌Ground‌ ‌Floor‌ 

Screenshot of the archival footage of Mikhail Maksimov's performance piece 'Hopper Measuring'

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