Lyokha G.

The Golubitskoe Art Foundation is pleased to host Vladivostok-based artist and musician Lyokha G.

Lyokha G.'s works are a meditation on the world around, with all its absurd manifestations, which takes the form of assemblages and installations from found objects or children's toys. Through the artist's humorous and ironic gaze, the viewers get a chance to reflect on painful events in their lives and on the way people conduct themselves in society and the world at large.

As a purely punk gesture, Lyokha G. rails against the consumerist valuesof today's society by reusing items that it sent to the rubbish bin.

'The expanses of the Taman Peninsula, sun, sea, historical day trips and a friendly attitude towards an artist (that is to say, me) put one in the mood for being creative. In a way, these parts resemble Primorye. And it made me feel at home,' says Lyokha G.

Following his stay at the Foundation, Lyokha G. put together a series of works rooted in his impressions from getting to know the historical heritage of the Taman Peninsula, its nature and from observing the daily life of local residents.
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