Lisokot (the pseudonym of Varya Pavlova) is a Moscow-based performance artist. She uses her voice as an instrument in prepared improvisation at the junction of experimental electronic music and performance art. Lisokot often draws inspiration from the Soviet song legacy, reimagining it through deconstruction and producing a new volume and sound. Her performances often turn into complex site-specific productions with a backstory of animalistic fables, costumes and set decorations.

As part of her residency at the Golubitskoe Art Foundation, the artist is currently studying the history and culture of the region, which she will later use as a basis for an upcoming sound performance project.

'For the past 6 years, I have mostly been practising prepared or spontaneous improvisation, exploring the possibilities of my voice and my audience, and creating my own language in an attempt to strike a balance between personal, social and political,' says Lisokot.

Lisokot graduated from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts with a degree in Industrial Design. Growing up, she was part of the touring company of Loktev Song and Dance Ensemble and performed in Europe, North Africa and the former USSR states.
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