Golubitskoe Art Foundation

Open Call results — participants of the exhibition by Varvara Busova

Golubitskoe Art Foundation received 85 applications from Russia, Georgia, South Africa, Moldova, Taiwan and Germany.
Curator of the future exhibition Varvara Busova chose 10 participants for the project: Barbara Wildenboer, Danini, Valeriy Pchelin, Mayana Nasibullova, Mariya Alexandrova, art collective "Businki", Karolina Dutka and Valentin Sidorenko, Anastasia Zhegal, Svetlana and Alexander Roshenko, Yana Vasilyeva. 

Within the framework of the future show under the working title "Taman upcycling in historical perspective", the artists will reflect on local archaeological context, connected to the unique cases of ancient upcycling/secondary use of objects, from a ritual, economical and status point of view. 

Example of upcycling in historical perspective: these large amber beads were used as a charm against blindness by the MacDonald family in Scotland in 18th century. They were probably once part of a necklace. Amber was traditionally valued as amuletic protection against illness and, more specifically, as a cure for the diseases of the eyes. Part of the collection of National Museums Scotland.
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