Golubitskoe Art Foundation to Introduce a New Art Residency Space

Photo: Dmitry Yagovkin. 2022
Golubitskoe Art Foundation will launch its new art residency space. The NOVOE architecture bureau designed area incorporated into the architecture of the existing winery complex will combine the functions of an artist's studio and a residential apartment with a total area of 60 m2. The decor revolving around and rooted in local crafts was conceived by textile designer Alexandra Falishtynskaya.

The NOVOE bureau faced a challenge – to merge two functional spaces, for living and work, within a small area. The residency is part of an existing building complex on the premises of the Golubitskoe Estate that boasts translucent lighting thanks to its round-arched windows. To dim the natural light and evade the tourist gaze in high season, as well as to create an extra workspace, the architects came up with a solution utilising movable walls. As a result, the well-lit space of the art residency, compact but thought-out down to the tiniest detail and framed by panoramic views of the Azov Sea coast in the west and even vineyard rows in the north, reconciles all the functions necessary for one resident to live and work.
'We were tasked to create a space that would fit into the perimeter dictated by the existing building, while at the same time making it as functional as possible for future residents,' says Sergey Nebotov, chief architect of the NOVOE bureau. 'Working with such a closely packed space with its contrasting scenarios, I had to iterate my steps, progressively testing various solutions. In order to better understand the needs and requirements of the residents, we had a chance to chat with some of them at the site of the future residency.'
Alisa Bagdonaite, Chief Curator of the Golubitskoe Art Foundation, describes the challenge that the Foundation faced, 'It was important for us to create the most neutral and functional space that would marry the solutions for comfortable living and productive work, and the Novoe bureau was able to gracefully solve this by coming up with a fascinating spatial geometry. Apart from the aesthetic function, we wanted to keep the focus on the messages that our residents receive through this place. A great location on the winery's grounds, surrounded by vineyards, is not only aesthetically beneficial but also conducive to the immersion in the local culture, one of the pillars and traditions of which is winemaking. We also wanted the local context to be expressed not only through spectacular vistas but through household items, therefore we agreed that household items in the art residency should tell stories of their own. We invited Alexandra Falishtynskaya to fill the artists' apartment with modern design objects that convey a tie with the historical and cultural context of the region, and to conceptualise decor and household items accordingly.'
Alexandra Falishtynskaya, who became the first resident of the Foundation in the field of design, devoted her residency to the study of arts crafts native to this region. The focus of her research was the applied arts of the Taman Peninsula of the late 18th to mid-20th centuries, but its geography greatly expanded, spilling beyond Taman and encompassing the entire Kuban area and certain parts of the Caucasus. Laces and embroideries found in the collection of the Felicin Museum in Krasnodar were taken as a model for the geometric pattern of textiles used in the art residency's interior furnishings. 'Our task was, on the one hand, to make the new pattern neutral and easily comprehensible, and on the other hand, to preserve the symbolism deep-rooted in historical references,' says Alexandra about the work on the fabric collection that was designed exclusively for the residency. The pattern developed by Alexandra alongside Veronika Reznik and the VR Design Studio is a decomposition of a traditional pattern, geometric shapes cropped down to primitive signs: a diamond, a triangle, and a cross. For example, the cross is an ancient symbol for man, the sun, and its shape was traditionally used to embroider grapes. The main fabric used in the residency was textured undyed linen.
The NOVOE architecture bureau was founded in 2013 by architects Sergey Nebotov and Anastasia Gritskova. The bureau specialises in public objects: from interiors to wide open spaces.

Notable projects: Gorky Park Museum, Moscow (2015); KM20 concept store, Moscow (2017); Astana Contemporary Art Center (2017); Vyksa AiR (2022).

Selected group shows:

  • 2021 – Assuming Distance: Speculations, Fakes and Predictions – Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
  • 2021 – Vkhutemas 100. School of Avante-Garde – Museum of Moscow
  • 2020 – Art Experiment. You're on Air – Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
  • 2018 – The Other Trans-Atlantic. Kinetic and Op Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America 1950s – 1970s – Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
  • 2015 – Hosting the Inhuman – Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Alexandra Falishtynskaya (b. 1987, Cherepovets, Russia) is a Moscow-based textile designer and founder, creative director of the.DOT.home project. She studied the Decoration course at the British Higher School of Art and Design (2018) and Graphic Design course at the California Institute of Arts (2017).

Alexandra creates decorative objects at the intersection of art and design: asymmetrical linen rugs, mixed media panels featuring textiles and wood. In collaboration with contemporary artists, she produces limited collections of fabrics, furniture and design pieces.

In 2020, Alexandra Falishtynskaya made the AD magazine's list of the top 100 Russian designers.

Selected shows and projects:

  • Richter x the.DOT.home х Alisa Yoffe – Richter Hotel, Moscow, Russia, 2020.
  • Invented and Made in Russia – All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2020.
  • BATIMAT RUSSIA & GLOBAL DESIGN – Moscow, Russia, 2019.
  • Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair – Moscow, Russia, 2018.
  • The XI Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art – Florence, Italy, 2017.
  • The XI Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art Work Preview – L'Appartement
  • Design Space, Moscow, Russia, 2017.
  • Sample – group show and auction, Tsvetnoy ARTBasement, Moscow, Russia, 2017.
  • Urban Art Nations platform show – Skolkovo Technopark, Moscow, Russia, 2017.
Lives and works in Moscow.
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