Golubitskoe Art Foundation

Tomoko Sato will take part in Golubitskoe Art Residency

Golubitskoe Art Foundation is pleased to announce the first participant of the residency exchange programme in partnership with the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) in Aomori, Japan – the performance artist and researcher Tomoko Sato. Tomoko’s residency will commence in Taman.

The project for the upcoming residency was selected following the results of an open call launched by the ACAC. Tomoko Sato's winning project titled Parthenon links three locations within a single lecture/performance: the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, the Parthenon-inspired National Monument of Scotland in Edinburgh, and an underground flood defence structure called Japan’s ‘Parthenon’ in Saitama. In the course of her residency, Tomoko will conduct her research at the archaeological sites across the ancient Greek cities on the Taman Peninsula. The artist aims to establish another connection between the West and the East, and offer a new perspective on the dichotomy.

Tomoko Sato was born in 1990 in Nagano, Japan. She lives and works in Yokohama. She earned a Master's degree in Film and New Media from Tokyo University of the Arts (2018). By using a lecture format, Sato’s practice revolves around conveying and presenting narratives. By linking the issues that arise in the process of investigating historical facts from different angles, Sato constructs a story that interweaves the factual and the fictional. Sato’s works are the product of her interest in Japan’s pursuit of a distorted form of modernisation and the plurality conveyed by events that have fallen through the cracks of History with a capital H as well as her attraction to legends and ruins that survive in various places.

The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) opened in December 2001 in Aomori, Japan. The ACAC focuses its activities around its Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programme while interweaving ample opportunities for exchange, which include exhibitions, workshops, and talks between artists, students, and the local community. The ACAC boasts a one-of-a-kind 543 sq. m. arc-shaped gallery space, which resident artists can use to showcase their exhibition projects to give shape to a creative space that fosters communication between artists, students, and the local community.

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