Golubitskoe Art Foundation

Golubitskoe & SAHA Partnership — Open Call

As part of the Contact Zones: Azov, Black and Caspian Seas international research exchange programme, the Golubitskoe Art Foundation is to launch an Open Call for Russian interdisciplinary artists and researchers to participate in the SAHA Association residency in 2022.

Russian artists and arts and culture professionals, including curators, historians, sociologists, geographers, writers, poets, musicians, philologists and linguists can participate in the programme. The programme is designed to stimulate extensive research efforts and foster cultural exchange and cooperation.

SAHA Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 to support Turkish artists, curators, and writers working in visual arts in improving their production and development environments, to enhance their interactions with international art institutions and networks and to integrate Turkish art into the universal art ecosystem.

SAHA Studio provides artists with a co-working space in Beyoğlu (Istanbul) as well as with a budget for research, production, exhibition and presentation for their projects. In addition to the meet-and-greets and events organized at the SAHA Studio space with the participating artists, SAHA Studio contributes to the development of knowledge and connections for the artists with activities such as research trips and visits to exhibitions, collections and workshops.
#ContactZones Residency Events